Friday, 25 February 2011

Spoken Soul Food Sundays

Sometimes church is a little overrated. Sometimes 10 percent of six hundred some odd dollars is a little too much for a repeated sermon. Sometimes.... you just want some affordable, realistic, and down-to-earth soul food. Wouldn't it be nice, to have that? Oooh! Guess what! We got one of those! Every Sunday, at the Midtown Lounge (38th and Meridian, aLLEN iMAGERY and friends host a little poetic fellowship, by the name of Spoken Soul Food Sunday. For aspired poets and/or performers, the open mic is one of the most public friendly opportunities to be heard. After every open mic, there is a special feature, and DIG THIS.... Can you say free food? Say it! SAY IT RIGHT NOW! Yes, free food every Sunday. And passing the plate is absolutely optional. Only six dollars at the door, and the rest of the night is yours to enjoy. So, if the Pastor has made one too many moves on you, or your wife, or you AND your wife, come out to the Midtown Lounge and get some Spoken healing.
Doors open @ 8
Open mics @9
For more information visit

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