Sunday, 27 February 2011

La Douleur eXquise

If you want to hear something that makes your ears say "This is some good ass cheese!", this might be what it takes. This album is a spiritually paraphrased journey to self-discover. From my favorite poet, Nsaychable, we at Choqin' Soul would like to present, La Douleur eXquise. Get it, love it, "Fuck it, feel it". I promise, my ears were like," How come you ain't tell me how good this CHEESE was?!". In all seriousness, I'm not saying this because she's from my hometown. I've heard my share of mediocre, self-absorbed poets, this is NOT that. You will be disappointed when you hear it, because its SO good, you'll expect to develop invisible wings and jump out of a window to test them. Might I say myself, bliss has never been so concreted, damn wings. (I thought that was funny). At any rate, if you ever find yourself at a poetry set and you catch her on the stage, ask about this one.

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