Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Spit Forever EP

Sending mad love, from down on the ground, Choqin' Soul is honored to present T. Odis's "Indianapolis" debut album, The spit Forever EP. At a true lost for words at the all around professionalism of the CD. Each piece shakes the Earth, with the passionate messages shared in each track. The instrumentals consist of a melodic embodiment that will paint mosaic audio-images in the third eye of your soul. I have, most definitely, been encouraged to support independent art, from this experience. If you'be never had the chance to see T. Odis perform... go jump off of somethin'. But before you do that, let this CD break the fall. Once again, The Spit Forever EP. If you happen to catch T. Odis online, ask him about this one. Safe travels to my man... may you Spit Forever

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