Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Good F!ght

Imjusayin, F!ghting Words, and Spoken Soul Food Sundays would like to present; The Good F!ght. This album is a collective of some of the coldest poets in the city. aLLEN iMAGERY, Tony Styxx, Mike Perez, Nsaychable, and Saint Peace come together to put a little F!ght in your flow. The album is, of all things, inspirational to those looking to sustain greatness in self, yet extremely entertaining all at once. Each track you will find something quite relevant to where you stand in life. Just don't play track 4 with the lights off.... Please. If you want to cop a feel to reality, you want to hear what these poets have to say.

Just check out:

La Douleur eXquise

If you want to hear something that makes your ears say "This is some good ass cheese!", this might be what it takes. This album is a spiritually paraphrased journey to self-discover. From my favorite poet, Nsaychable, we at Choqin' Soul would like to present, La Douleur eXquise. Get it, love it, "Fuck it, feel it". I promise, my ears were like," How come you ain't tell me how good this CHEESE was?!". In all seriousness, I'm not saying this because she's from my hometown. I've heard my share of mediocre, self-absorbed poets, this is NOT that. You will be disappointed when you hear it, because its SO good, you'll expect to develop invisible wings and jump out of a window to test them. Might I say myself, bliss has never been so concreted, damn wings. (I thought that was funny). At any rate, if you ever find yourself at a poetry set and you catch her on the stage, ask about this one.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Write On

This is how we do it on Friday night. Why not start your weekend off, with a little soul. With your host, J Da 1, settin' it straight, a night full of poetry and entertainment keep the HotSpots comin'. Right on the corner of 29th and Clifton (look for the blue light). So, if you're lookin' for something useful to spend your check on, slide through and either get on the mic, or sit back, relax, and say "That's my spot!"

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lyrically Speaking

They're back, and said to be better than ever. I, personally, can't say, because the barkeep cant trust that I'm there for JUST the poetry. Presented by BlaqueLuv Events and Indianapolis's own, Imani-Michele, We bring you Lyrically Speaking. Every Wednesday night at The Palace, you can catch some of the most lyrical entertainment Indianapolis has to offer. Or, if you wish, you can be the one to "bless the mic". Whatever your reason, I can promise you, you will enjoy yourself. Just watch that damn barkeep.
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Spoken Soul Food Sundays

Sometimes church is a little overrated. Sometimes 10 percent of six hundred some odd dollars is a little too much for a repeated sermon. Sometimes.... you just want some affordable, realistic, and down-to-earth soul food. Wouldn't it be nice, to have that? Oooh! Guess what! We got one of those! Every Sunday, at the Midtown Lounge (38th and Meridian, aLLEN iMAGERY and friends host a little poetic fellowship, by the name of Spoken Soul Food Sunday. For aspired poets and/or performers, the open mic is one of the most public friendly opportunities to be heard. After every open mic, there is a special feature, and DIG THIS.... Can you say free food? Say it! SAY IT RIGHT NOW! Yes, free food every Sunday. And passing the plate is absolutely optional. Only six dollars at the door, and the rest of the night is yours to enjoy. So, if the Pastor has made one too many moves on you, or your wife, or you AND your wife, come out to the Midtown Lounge and get some Spoken healing.
Doors open @ 8
Open mics @9
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


The Scattering of people, away from an established motherland.

From the ever-so articulated genius of Saul William's "Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip Hop", Half Black Productions (Michael Hosp, Jonah D. Winston, Joanna Eve Winston, and Amanda Lynn Meyer) presents a theatrical poetry set about a homeless man, wandering the streets and narrating his theories in one of the most artistic way possible... Poetry.

The show will be in Indianapolis at the IndyFringe Theatre
Feb. 25th, 26; and Mar. 4th, 5th, and 12th @ 8p
Feb. 27th; and Mar. 6th and 13th 7p

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